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Hardcore / Industrial / Hardtechno / Trance

Alina Viktoria is a dj and producer born in the south of germany.
After her first steps as a dj and some club gigs she got hungry for more and started producing her own tracks, which made her fall in love with the faster sounds of electronic music even more.

Country/City: DE/ Augsburg

BPM range: 150-180

Started djing in 2019 and producing since 2020

Fav. Location to play: Club, Open Air


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Hypnotic / Deep - Driving

Having a deep passion for rolling basses Cryme. finds fulfillment in deep rhythms creating a pleasurable and playful atmosphere on every dance floor . His style is still evolving so expect the unexpected.

Country/City: DE/ Berlin

BPM range: 144-148

Started djing in 2019.

Fav. Location to play: Open Air, Club




Groove / Hardgroove / Oldschool / Tribal / Hardtrance / Trance

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and be curious about the mists of DJ Saunameister selections. As a lover of the 90’s and the essence of dance music he explores a wide range but yet a positive and mind bending one. Demanding the listeners abilities to not consume but to celebrate music he surely makes you step until you sweat.

Country/City: DE/ Berlin

BPM range: 145-160

Started djing in 2020 and producing since 2019.

Fav. Location to play: Backyard Rave, Open Air, Club


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Industrial / Hard Groove / Hard Techno / Hardcore

DMCG loves to see and hear the pleasure from the ravers, to spread his kind of happiness to all the other guys who want to feel something again.

Biggest Honor to be a part of there Joy.

Country/City: DE/ Berlin

BPM range: 150-180

Started djing in 2018.

Fav. Location to play: Bunker, Tresor, Ravecave, Big Hall, Special Locis, Parade


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Hardcore / Industrial

Placing herself into a darker and harder part of techno Hundertvierzig hails from Vienna with strong distorted kicks and only short breaks. So you know she isn’t wasting any time. Hardcore is her message- she kicks your ass and loves it. Brace yourselves.

Country/City: AU/ VIENNA

BPM range: 170-220

Started djing in 2019

Fav. Location to play: Underground-, Abandoned Places


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Gabber / Early Hardcore / Happy Hardcore / Frenchcore / Hardcore

LØUS philosophy is to spread his taste and joy hardcore dance music, to create music experiences that send  the listener into another dimension.

He is bringing his interpretation of thunderdome to Berlin and abroad. keep up with his pace.

Country/City: DE/ BERLIN

BPM range: 170-220

Started djing in 2016 and producing since 2021

Fav. Location to play: Thunderdome




Hard Techno

For Rina techno isn’t just a party music, it became her lifestyle, her way of thinking and breathing. Experiencing the heavy and dynamic sounds as a collective meditative ritual, she seduces her crowd into her spiritual meaning into her sets.

Country/City: RU/ Moscow

BPM range: 150-170

Started djing in 2019.

Fav. Location to play: Open Air, Factory


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Hardgroove / Techno / Hard Techno / Schranz / Tribal

"Bring back the 90‘s“ is Stevyls message. Expressing his variety of styles: from the classics to the contemporary, he loves music to the fullest.

With a deep respect for each and everyone around the scene, he is a crucial part as one of the founders of concrete and lives by it. Salute to him and his contribution.

Country/City: DE/ Berlin

BPM range: 145-160

Started djing in 2017.

Fav. Location to play: Warehouse


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Techno / Hardtechno / Schranz

UNCNSRD. is a producer/DJ Duo inspired by variable moods and styles.

Contributing a cheerful rave experience the guys love to enflame the rave for every listener.

Country/City: DE/ Berlin

BPM range: 138-165

Started djing in 2016.

Fav. Location to play: Festivals, Clubs